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GunnerCase is going to start shipping this week. You will be getting a shipping confirmation in the order your case was purchased. Thanks everyone for your patience with us!


Want the new OSX Mountain Lion iPhone wallpaper? Download it here! February 16 2012, 0 Comments


Well here you go. I made it for myself and decided to share. Enjoy! Click Here 

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Maybe it's because it's valentines day that we love so many things right now but our posts on Uncrate and Gizmodo blew us away. We can't thank you guys enough for supporting our product. Take some time and head over to Uncrate and like them. You'll be happy you did. Oh yeah, here's the link to our feature on Uncrate. Click Here

GunnerCase Featured on Gizmodo! February 14 2012, 0 Comments

We are blown away by the great response to GunnerCase. To put the icing on the cake Gizmodo did a great post about GunnerCase. Check it out!

New GunnerCase for iPhone 4S/4 by baseonelabs February 13 2012, 0 Comments


Today we introduced our newest case called the GunnerCase. GunnerCase uses the same built in technology that shotguns and rifles use to absorb shock. When GunnerCase is dropped, the sidewalls are designed to collapse and distribute the force around the case. This saves your iPhone while keeping the case thin and effective.

Here are some features:

  • Internal Air Cells - Lined throughout the inside of the GunnerCase are Air Cell pockets that were inspired by recoil pads found on shotguns and rifles. When dropped, the Air Cells collapse absorbing impacts while providing the same protection as a 1" thick case. PATENT PENDING
  • Slim Design - The GunnerCase is only 13.9mm thick which makes it one of the thinnest protective cases available.
  • Precision Cut Buttons - The GunnerCase has precision cut buttons that cover your iPhones buttons and provides a great force feedback.
  • Anti-Lint Material - The main problem with other cases is that they attract lint. The GunnerCase is made out of a material that repels lint. 
  • Complete Protection System - Every GunnerCase is sent complete with a screen protector kit and micro cleaning cloth.
When we designed GunnerCase we knew we needed to set ourselves apart from the competition. With the technology of a shotgun built into an iPhone case we believe we did.

iPhone 5 Rumor Round-up February 03 2012, 1 Comment


There has been a lot of debate on the features of the new iPhone 5 and exactly when Apple will be releasing it's newest gen iPhone. We wanted to put together a list of the rumors that have been circulating around and when we think the new iPhone 5 will be launched.

Here's a few of the rumored features:

Radical new form factor and design - The new iPhone 5 is said to have a new extremely thin chassis with a possible aluminum back like the current gen iPod Touch has. There has been debate over this because an aluminum back is said to reduce cell reception. I'm not to thrilled about the aluminum back because if you own an iPod Touch, then you know that aluminum is very prone to scratching.

4G/LTE support - Although 4G/LTE is in it's early stages just like 3G was a few years ago, it's rumored to be standard in the upcoming iPhone 5. The plus side to 4G is its incredible speed advantage over 3G but the downside is that 4G is a battery hog, draining them a lot faster than its worth. Apple is known for being one of the leaders in battery technology, so most likely Apple will find a better way to mange power in it's devices and ship the new iPhone 5 with 4G/LTE.

Quad core A5 processor - The chip that will be used in the new iPhone 5 will either be the exact chip from the iPad 2 or a very similar version. You can expect speeds at around double what the iPhone 4S has now.

10MP HD camera - Apple isn't known to push out the latest and greatest cameras in it's devices but instead just uses them to their full potential. This is why a 10MP camera is what will probably be shipped in the new iPhone 5.

Larger 4 inch screen - This rumor has been around before the iPhone 4S was released. I think this won't be shipped in the new iPhone 5 due to the fact that the late Steve Jobs shot down this feature saying that the current size screen in the iPhone 4 is perfect for mobile devices. I agree that the current size is perfect and any bigger is just a hassle. Only Android devices come out with iPad size screens in their phones, not the iPhone.

A new way to talk for free "iTalk" - This is an idea we're thinking that Apple might be working on. In 2011, Apple launched their app called iMessage that allows any Apple device user to text another Apple user for free. This was a major step in saving Apples customers a lot of money on texting plans so it only seems logical that Apple could work on a free voice app as well. This app could work over VOIP like other popular apps but I'm sure if Apple came out with an app like this it would be slick and streamlined so you won't even realize your using it.

Release Date- In the past, Apple launches their newest iPhone at the WWDC in June every year. Last year was the exception with the iPhone 4S launch in September 2011. There has been talk that Apple wouldn't push out a new iPhone in June because customers who have already upgraded to an iPhone 4S won't be eligible to get a deal on a new iPhone 5. So we think you can expect the new iPhone 5 to be released around the same time that the iPhone 4S was launched, most likely around September 2012.

That wraps up our latest rumors of the iPhone 5. I will be updating this post periodically with new rumors as they come in. If you liked this post please consider following us on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute news from us.

What you need to know about the iPhone 4S October 04 2011, 0 Comments

 Apple just announced the new iPhone 4S. Same great design just with upgraded internals. Here are some things you need to know about it:

  1. Upgraded Camera: With an upgraded 8MP camera you now have a very powerful camera right in your pocket. This is a hug upgrade from the iPhone 4.
  2. 1080P Video Recording: You can now record video in full HD. Amazing!
  3. Upgraded Performance: The new iPhone 4S has the Apple A5 processor in it. This is a blazing fast processor that is also in the new iPad 2. Expect huge boosts in speed with this chip.
  4. Will my cases fit? The new iPhone 4S has the same boddy chape as the iPhone 4 so your current case will fit with no problems. All of our impactband colors will fit the new iPhone 4S perfectly. 
If you would like to purchase an impactband for iPhone 4S use discount code READ for a 15% discount. Promo ends October 31st.