Happy Customers

Mark Hunter- 

I received my new ImpactBand a few days ago for my iPhone 4 and would like to share a few comments with you.
I switched to Apple products many years ago. I have had iPhones since they first were introduced and am currently using an iPhone 4. During that time I have used dozens of cases and have never been completely satisfied with any of them. Each had their own positive aspects but they all had drawbacks and shortcomings as well. Until now I have been using an Otterbox Defender. A good case but it was big and bulky. The experience of using that case was reminiscent of using my phone in the box it came in with a few holes cut in it for access to the ports.
Recently I purchased a copy of Macworld magazine. I don't normally buy magazines very often but wanted this copy because of the tribute articles on Steve Jobs. While going through the magazine I ran across an ad for your product. I checked out your website, watched the Youtube videos and read several reviews. I decided to give it a try and ordered one from Amazon.
I am extremely impressed with the fit and feel of the ImpactBand. It provides exactly what I have been searching for in a protective case since my first iPhone purchase many years ago. It offers easy access to the headphone jack, charging/sync port, volume buttons, ring/silent switch and sleep/wake button. It has a raised wraparound edge preventing the iPhone's face or back from touching when laid down on any flat surface. The material it is constructed from is smooth and slick enough to slide in and out of a pocket or holder easily, does not pick up and hold lint but at the same time provides a no slip grip when holding the iPhone. It exposes the iPhone to the user for use and operation in a way no other case I have owned does while at the same time providing protection. In my opinion it is the perfect balance, using the iPhone the way it was intended to be used while having the protection it needs.
I have not upgraded to the iPhone 4s but will wait for the next generation iPhone. And when that happens I will wait for you to offer an ImpactBand for it before I get the phone. I feel like I found the Holy Grail and it's a keeper.

Ralph Roberts-

"Dear Baseonelabs, Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent Impactband case.
My first case was a leather one by Sena, that was quite good and protected the screen from scratches, but I was always worried when removing the cell phone from the leather case that I might inadvertently drop it.
The Apple Protection Plan that I initially bought for the cell phone, doesn't cover falls, and it seemed a big waste to spend more money for a second plan, in order, to cover falls.
Intuitively, I knew that my iPhone4 would never survive any fall, other than landing on a carpet.
Also, I prefer to use the iPhone4, "naked", (without any screen savers), in order to enjoy the exceptional "touch" of the iPhone.  I use a micro cloth and with a few swipes the smudges are gone.
I think the "Impactband" is great compromise for my iPhone4 cell phone.  The case really does protect the device when dropped, and I don't have to use any screen savers with it, (though, they are included)."

Chad Tanaka-

"I am a new Impactband customer, and I am loving it! Feels very solid, and worked well in my informal drop tests. Customer service is excellent, and my overall experience dealing with BaseOneLabs was pleasant and efficient. Thanks!"

Richard Bright-

"After just one afternoon with my new impactband I'm convinced. I've ditched my beloved Candyshell Flip and I'm loving the look and feel of the impactband. My phone is physically cooler too! I'm not inclined to deliberately chuck my phone around, but I'm sure my natural clumsiness will put the impactband's protective qualities to the test soon enough :-)"

Eric Nussenfeld-

"I do not have a crazy survival story where I was attacked by a giant bird and dropped in off a 16 foot ledge or anything!... However, I had once dropped my iPhone 4 from pocket height armed with nothing but an apple bumper case. It landed almost perfectly flat on it's back on a hardwood floor. The entire back glass of the iPhone shattered. As soon as I replaced the back glass cover (a whopping 60 bucks and change..) the impactband was being advertised on Facebook. I instantly became a fan and very eagerly awaited the release date of the first batch of impactbands. I have loved them ever since. I may have only dropped my phone once or twice since then, nothing crazy, but I know that if I didn't have the impactband protecting my phone this sensitive glass casing would likely have needed another makeover. Thanks again baseonelabs!"

Timur Beriker-

"Being an Apple Certified Technician for over 13+ years and owning a computer store for 13 years we have seen a lot of products. I have to say, this one of the best case designs we have seen for the iPhone 4 and we have tried them ALL. For the price, this is a must have. This will be the only case we sell in our Store from here out. Thanks.....the crew @ \weknowmacs.\"

Brandon Sarkis-

"I've owned more than a few cases for my iPhone 4. From the apple bumper, 2 different Griffin cases, an otterbox, a vapor, and some really bad silicone cases and the impactband is INCREDIBLE. Not stretchy, not sticky, not reception killing, not fragile- maybe a bit bulky but no more so than the otterbox. The second my wife saw it, she insisted i order her one immediately. Super fast shipping. Only complaint is the packaging. While extravagant, it is also VERY wasteful- this should have shipped in a padded envelope- not a box with tissue paper. Tiny issue with a great case. Buy several now. Would also be pretty cool to have colors or clear ones."

Mike Millikin-

"The guys in blockbuster asked if I could get insurance for the iPhone 4 and I said "why do you need insurance when you can do this?" and through it up and let it land on the ground, lol. I've had the otterboxes and the apple bumpers for this phone and older iphones. This is both of those cases in one and it's great. Feel free to put this as a testimonial. I love it, got two people ordering them for there phones when they saw mine. Thank you!"

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