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Articles written about GunnerCase

File this under “awesome things that you should buy right now.” - TNW

GunnerCase is made from a special material that actually repels lint. That alone makes it totally worth the $40 asking price when it's available this spring. - Gizmodo

Ask any competitive shooter, and they'll tell you about the benefits of the recoil pad, which saves their chests from bruising. Now you can add the same sort of protection to your iPhone 4/4S. - Uncrate

Even better, the material is also designed to repel all of that lint that is in your pockets and manages to get stuck to other cases. Now that’s something we can get behind. - Digital Trends

As Rick Grimes could tell you, a long day of shotgunning zombies makes your shoulder ache from the kickback. - Core77

Article written about Cam Crate

Wired: "It’s such a smart case..."

Uncrate: "giving you the freedom to tote your shooter places you'd never dare before"

PDN: "Here’s a rugged, weatherproof camera case that can take a licking and keep you clicking."

Techcrunch: "It even floats, so it can get away from vampires"

Ubergizmo:  "you won’t have any issue bringing it across the rapids"

PetaPixel: "it even comes with a lifetime warranty!"

Gear Patrol: "it’s dedicated to protecting something near and dear to our gear-loving hearts."

Cnet: "If Indiana Jones was a photographer and he needed a camera case, then the Cam Crate would be it."

The Phoblographer: "a truly transportable rugged case"

Articles written about impactband

iPhone owners that want to leave its front and rear glass exposed while still offering a degree of protection now have an alternative to Apple's own bumper case thanks to the ImpactBand from Base One Labs. - TUAW

Few are capable of protecting the glass front and back of the iPhone in the same was as Base One Labs' new Impactband. -MacNN

ImpactBand: The iPhone Bumper On Steroids. - App Advice